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Robert Myers, Owner
While growing up on a farm in Howell, Michigan sculptor Robert Myers had always had a passion for art and had planned, since the age of five, to become a painter. It was not until art school that he begun to focus on sculpture.
Robert Myers currently lives in the Southwest where he is owner Sedona Bronze, LLC. His expert skills in mold making, bronze casting, metal working, patination and stone carving are essential in the creation of his contemporary work. Robert Myers sculptures are now found in prestigious private collections across the United States and in Europe and have appeared in Sculpture, Southwest Art, The Robb Report and Tycoon magazines.

In 1991, Robert graduated from the Michigan State University Kresge Art Center receiving a bachelor of fine art with honors. He also pursued three additional years of undergraduate study in business, during which time he was the assistant for the sculpture department and the foundry technician two years. As the assistant and technician, he worked directly with other students and also trained new professors on the use of the foundry equipment.

Shortly after graduating, Robert moved to Kanagawa, Japan where he taught while studying Japanese for two years. Teaching in Japan was for him an interesting challenge; it also made it possible to become associated with several prominent Japanese sculptors. In addition to Japan, Myers has traveled extensively throughout the world, an experience, which he feels has contributed to his art. After returning to the United States, Myers managed a foundry for three years where, as he does now, he worked with scores of nationally known sculptors from across the country.

Robert Myers teaches classes on designing sculptures specifically for the bronze casting process. He has received numerous awards for his artwork and studio. This artist believes sculptural expression to be not only a display of aesthetic form but more importantly a push to extend the boundaries of expression.

There seem to be two distinct sides to my work. One being more geometric and the other more expressive. The geometric is contemplative, tight, polished and somewhat relaxing while the expressive, by contrast, is more dramatic, loose, roughly textured with a lot more tension. The geometric is inspired by objects such as: spheres, rings, and chain links while the expressive is inspired more by: desert cracks, rusty eroded metal and meteorites. My geometric work often expresses social themes that are more personal." — Robert Myers

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